Berlin, Germany

To finish spring break, I headed toward Berlin, Germany, in hopes to get a better idea of past history and explore Germany’s capital.

At first, I went into the city with a close-minded idea that it was going to be depressing, but was very surprised at the liveliness and beauty Berlin has to offer. I left with an attitude of gratefulness that I was able to learn more about the Holocaust and indulge myself in German culture.

What I Visited:

(1) The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum

While the colors are rather dull, they are full of stories of Jewish history everyone should learn about. This is such a surreal experience to examine art that is dedicated to the lives that were lost during the Holocaust.

There is also a long hallway in this museum that has remains of belongings that have been salvaged that tell stories behind the individuals or families they belonged to.

(2) Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The weekend we visited Berlin it was freezing and slightly snowing, but standing in the line in these weather conditions to visit this museum was so SO worth it.

I loved the set up of this museum. As you walk through the entry hallway, there are stories of the Holocaust from beginning to end hanging on the walls.

The next room you enter are written notes (originally German, but then translated in English to the side) from loved ones talking about their journeys of migrating to find safety, work, etc. Warning you now- this was the most emotional part of the museum.

Then, there is another room that has stories of individuals or families and talks about their journey through the Holocaust.

(3) The East Berlin Wall Art Gallery

Quote from the East Berlin Wall Art Gallery

Upon arrival of the East Berlin Wall, I was shocked to see all of the beautiful color it was painted with. In my mind, I pictured an off-white brick wall, but I was wrong!

East Berlin Wall doves
East Berlin Wall gate with locks

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(4) Brandenburg Gate

What Else to See:

(1) Reichstag Building

This is Germany’s Parliament House. While you’re visiting the Brandenburg Gate, go ahead and see this phenomenal building right behind the gate!

(2) Checkpoint Charlie

I didn’t have much time while I was in Berlin, but if I visit again I’ll be sure to go here!

(3) Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz

These are both city squares that are stunning with beautiful skyscrapers.

What to Eat:

(1) All kinds of pizza from Social Salami Club

I happened to be there on a Thursday night, when they were running a special where each slice of pizza was only €1.

The way it works: they cook multiple pizzas, then you go to the counter and pick which one you want.

The staff is extremely sociable, so you’re sure to have fun while you’re there! It’s a rather small restaurant, but so worth going in!

(2) The Barn Cafe:

I had a soup (not sure what the name is) and a slice of orange cake- the cake was my favorite! Of course I had a flat white, too!

Soup from The Barn Cafe
Orange Cake from The Barn Cafe

(3) Shiso Burger:

I had a chili lemon burger – highly recommend!

Chili Lemon Burger with angus beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, ketchup, cilantro & lime-mayo chili sauce

The presentation here was also very cute- your burgers and fries came out in separate, circular, cardboard frames.

(4) Hopfingerbräu im Palais

I had curry wurst and potatoes with mayonnaise. I’m dying to learn how to cook German food now! Also, I know french fries with mayonnaise sounds so unappealing, but I’ve made a habit of it now and won’t be able to break it when I get back to the States!

(5) Reichert Bakery

Everything in here is to die for. I can’t spell or pronounce anything, but I got some kind of strawberry cheesecake. I don’t think it’s possible to get anything you won’t like!

Thanks for reading,