February Picks

During the month of February, a few things really stood out to me and I’m sharing them down below.

With spring coming around, you’ll be sure to have the cutest shoes if you check out the ones I’ve linked! Also, hair health is something I’ve always really enjoyed focusing on. I’ve linked some hair vitamins to help your hair have the perfect shine after a harsh, dry winter that usually results in dull hair.

*1) Hair Vitamins

*2) Smith & Cult Nail Polish – How cute is this color for transitioning into spring?

*3) See by Chloe Spring Purse

*4) Sam Edelman Platform Espadrilles

*5) Steve Madden Cheetah Slip-On

*6) Tory Burch Sandals

*7) Anthropologie Throw Blanket – I love this throw. It can be placed in so many areas around your home. It’s the perfect neutral with a fun flare.


Athleta Athleisure

Boy do I have good news for you!!!

My favorite top and leggings from Athleta are BOTH on sale!

Running along the Tiber river in Rome, Italy

Reasons I love this top:

(1) It keeps you warm, but it breathes well and doesn’t get too hot on you.

(2) It’s a TURTLENECK!!

(3) It has the cute pockets on the end of the sleeves for your thumbs to go through.

(4) I tuck it into a denim or black pair of skinnies and it still looks so cute!

Reasons I love the leggings:

(1) They stay right in place during my workouts.

(2) They have a snake print that’s not too obvious, but is the perfect amount of detail!

Shop the top and leggings here:

Top | Leggings

Back in Action

Two of the most horrifying words to hear? Swimsuit shopping. The thought of this makes everyone cringe as we tell ourselves we will just eat one more Girl Scout cookie, then the next thing we know we’re opening the next box. I have to be in a swimsuit next week?

Good news for you, I LOVED seeing how many cute one-piece swimsuits college girls were sporting over spring break. After all, modest is still hottest.

On another note, I was trying on swimsuits in Target when this little black one happened to just be hanging there, so I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, it went home with me.

IMG_2473IMG_2451Shop the details here: Black One Piece

Spring Break Awaits Us

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about spring break. Every corner I turn, there seems to be something there haunting me that reminds me that it is so close, but so far away. Here I’ve added my three favorite things that should help you out with feeling like spring is really here (even if the weather doesn’t permit it).

  1. The first thing is a little something to help you cheat without causing sun damage. I use this every night in the shower and it takes very little time (only three minutes!!!) After you wash and rinse, apply this evenly and you only need a thin layer. You can really make this bottle last a long time if you use it sparingly! You will notice some natural glow by your second time! In-Shower Tanning Lotion
  2. This is my favorite lip color! Something about it makes your eyes pop, and I can honestly say it lasts awhile and gives you a good amount of moisture! My favorite shade is called “sorbet” Pink Lips
  3. I love this top and I think it would make for the most precious beach pictures! It would be so cute with some khaki shorts or even a skirt. Beach Top