Athleta Athleisure

Boy do I have good news for you!!!

My favorite top and leggings from Athleta are BOTH on sale!

Running along the Tiber river in Rome, Italy

Reasons I love this top:

(1) It keeps you warm, but it breathes well and doesn’t get too hot on you.

(2) It’s a TURTLENECK!!

(3) It has the cute pockets on the end of the sleeves for your thumbs to go through.

(4) I tuck it into a denim or black pair of skinnies and it still looks so cute!

Reasons I love the leggings:

(1) They stay right in place during my workouts.

(2) They have a snake print that’s not too obvious, but is the perfect amount of detail!

Shop the top and leggings here:

Top | Leggings

Lower Abs Workout

Lower Abs Workout:

  • Exercise 1: Crossing Flutter Kicks – 45 reps. Each time your right foot crosses over you left foot makes one rep.
  • Exercise 2: Flexed foot lifts – 30 reps. With your legs raised at a 90 degree angle with your back on the floor, raise your flexed feet toward the ceiling.
  • Exercise 3: Leg lifts – 12 reps. Laying on your back, raise your feet (flexed feet make a better challenge) 14-16 inches off of the floor.