How Thoughts Control Your Happiness

Photo Credit: Riley Madlock

Happy International Day of Happiness! Today, I wanted to share with you how important it is to know that YOU control your happiness. As I was listening to Joyce Meyer’s podcast series “Thinking Your Way Out of Bondage,” I was inspired to change the path of my thoughts.

On this cheesy holiday, this podcast couldn’t have been any more perfect because it gave me a new perspective on what happiness is all about.

Happiness isn’t what society tells you. Your thoughts control your happiness.

If you’ve been struggling with maintaining a positive attitude lately, change HOW you’re thinking about things.

Meyer gave the example of a house owner who kept thinking bad thoughts about a plant she had in her house. The owner was always worried about the leaves, and one day she noticed they were all dead, regardless of the care she was giving it. Meyer explained this as a life lesson to the owner to think encouraging thoughts about the plant, instead of negative ones.

And so the lesson goes for the rest of us: if we think of an uplifting outcome of things we would normally tear apart, our end result will be significantly better.

This goes on to affect our relationships with those around us also. If we think only loving thoughts of others, our relationships will be much better. Don’t forget to only think kind thoughts of yourself, too!

I’m not saying that spontaneous, weekend trips with friends and comedic movies don’t make us happy, but do remember to be happy from the core, you must start with what is going on inside of your mind first.

Hope you’ve had a lovely Tuesday!





A Note on Love

Today has been a rainy day and has naturally made me relax a bit more. With not much to do as the school year unwinds (minus studying for finals), I’ve done a lot of extra thinking and wanted to share with you guys!

Don’t even worry, this isn’t about to be relationship advice. For once, this is all about love just for YOU.

(1) You deserve to be happy. You’re in control of the people you surround yourself with, so choose wisely.

(2) No one deserves your explanation. You are your own person, so choose what makes you happiest.

(3) If it won’t matter two weeks from now, don’t give it a second thought. Just brush it off.

(4) There’s lots of things that don’t require your attention. Realize what does, and choose your battles wisely.

(5) Don’t dwell on the things that didn’t work out for you. That internship, sports team, college, job or relationship. Better things are ahead that deserve your heart. Be thankful for the heartbreaks and be patient with timing.

(6) Do appreciate the little things life has to offer. Hard times will come, and these little things will make those times bearable.

(7) Only compete with yourself. You better yourself by strengthening yourself, not by wishing you could be better than someone else.

(8) Things you don’t enjoy don’t deserve your attention. I don’t care if it makes you “look” better, you are happiest when it’s something your heart desires.

(9) Squeeze your loved ones a little harder, our time here on earth is limited.

(10) Do make time for yourself. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day.