The Target Survival Guide

It’s true, you can’t just run into Target for one thing without completely getting distracted by all the cuteness along the way.

Here I’ve added my personal survival guide from Target that includes everything you could ever need and prevents you (maybe) from getting too overwhelmed by all of the goodies. With all of these items in your tool box (or closet), you’re sure to always be prepared at the apartment, dorm or home, or wherever when you’re on the go!

  1. For the “uh-ohs” on that favorite winter white sweater of yours – let me just tell you, this little gel pen has saved me from all of my never-to-fail coffee spills, and it’s so easy just to use a gel pen without doing all of the work!: Stain Remover
  2. For all of the times to be thankful when sweet friends and family don’t forget you on the special days – I have these and personally love the extra little gold flare: Thank You Letters
  3. For writing down the extra thoughts, prayers requests and praises – I keep this beside my bed and journal at least a sentence every night or a Bible verse from my devotional: Journal for Extra Thoughts
  4. For the times your dentist said “almost done” because you still have some plaque you forgot to floss away: Mint Floss
  5. For the times you hate to feel that the cold weather has finally taken effect on your nose (or that chick flick that just made you cry and you don’t want to admit it): Go Wherever You Go Tissues
  6. For the times you realize you can’t send that package until you cut and tape: Scissors & Tape
  7. For the morning you wanted to cry while drinking your coffee that is almost as black as your soul (your morning soul that is): Sweet Creamer
  8. For the times you hate yourself because you can’t just seem to make your coffee taste as good as it is at home: K-cup of Happiness
  9. For clean teeth and the well-being of saving your teeth from… Just save it, you know what I mean. Organic 😉 toothpaste
  10. For the sake of telling yourself you’re going to get your life together this year (I have the gold polka dot version of this – I love how it barely takes up any room): 2016 Day Planner
  11. For telling yourself you will actually pay attention in meetings and lectures (these are pretty to look at and magically make your hand writing 10x better): 3 Subject Spiral & Magic Pens
  12. For making your clothes smell a little sweeter: Sweet Smelly Beads
  13. For really just staying on top of your never ending laundry (I haven’t bought new detergent since I started school in August): Heavy Duty Detergent
  14. For not wanting to lose the softness of your towels (or demolishing your skin or hair with the towels that now feel like a cat scratch mat): Softener
  15. For the beauty of the natural cold wind giving you chapped lips (I use this every night before sleep – HUGE life saver. P.S., this one gives you a nice little hint of pigment): mini vaseline
  16. For the times the mini vaseline is too heavy: pixi lip butter
  17. For the nights you can’t make it out of bed but still have make-up on: make-up remover wipes
  18. For the days you don’t want lipstick on but need a little life in your lips (Love this x a million): lip gloss
  19. For the days your shoes stink and you have too much static in your favorite dress: bounce sheets
  20. For your extra dusty desk and your crumby counter-tops… Oh, and of course your dirty mirrors! (these wipes get all of the work done- I also use these to clean my lap top and phone): Pledge Multi Surface wipes
  21. For your ashy elbows and legs (sorry I said it – this lotion works miracles for all of you sensitive to your razors): Lotion
  22. For the sick season: Bye Germs!!
  23. For the blisters that are too much to handle with your favorite shoes: blister band aids
  24. For storing whatever need be (I currently have three under my bed and love the color): storage
  25. For keeping your leftovers as long as you can: Food Storage

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